Checklist for Candidates

Before the Job Fair

  • Check this website on a regular basis as we constantly post interesting job offers from our participating companies
  • Check company profiles and job listing of companies you want to get in touch with
  • Draft a simple time schedule for your day at the Sino-German Job Fair Beijing
  • Prepare a personal CV for your job fair visit (ideally a bilingual CV in German and Chinese)
  • Develop your personal 90 seconds pitch to introduce yourself to company representatives (Who am I? What can I offer? What am I looking for?)
  • Select an appropriate outfit: Business attire in which you feel comfortable and secure


During the Job Fair

  • With regard to your trip to the venue, be aware of Beijing’s traffic situation – rather arrive too early than too late.
  • Once you arrived – familiarize yourself with your environment by touring the venue.
  • At the booths: Where appropriate introduce yourself with your personal 90 seconds pitch. Ask direct and honest questions. Signalize that you have informed yourself about the company.
  • Note down important things about the course of the conversation. Make sure that you collect the contact information of your conversation partner.
  • Take your breaks – ensure that you make a relaxed impression on your conversation partners.
  • If you are particularly interested in a certain company you have already talked to, go back to their booth. In the afternoon they might have more time for you.
  • We would highly appreciate if could give us your feedback at the stand of the German Chamber of Commerce.


After the Job Fair

  • Assess your collected contacts. Which of them can you use immediately, which of them might become useful in later stages of your career
  • Send a follow-up email to the contacts you have gathered, expressing your appreciation of the conversation on the job fair.
  • If you apply, make sure that in your cover letter you refer to the conversation during the Job Fair with that particular company representative
  • Take note of the date of the next Sino-German Job Fair.


Please find more useful tips in our handy brochure! 



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