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German Industry & Commerce Guangzhou Branch, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

About Company:


公司设立于广东省江门市的工厂为亚洲市场供应按照德国质量标准生产的各类产品。产品范围包括半成品塑料产品、管件及成品零部件,此类产品由HDPE,PP,PVC,PVDF,E-CTFE 或PFA材料制成。产品对强腐蚀性化学物品具有高抗腐蚀性,因此主要应用于化学和工厂安装设备中。我们也生产满足环保、汽车工业和机械制造领域高要求的半成品塑料产品。

About this job:
  • Responsible for assisting the recruitment, including attending the job fair, reception and arrangement of interviewees 负责协助招聘工作,包括参加招聘会、面试人员的接待和安排
  • Responsible for personnel attendance statistics 负责人事考勤的统计
  • Be responsible for the company’s insurance work injury claim follow-up 负责公司保险工伤理赔事宜的跟进
  • Responsible for organization of company activities (birthday party/sports event) and expense reimbursement 负责公司活动的组织(生日会/体育活动)及费用报销
  • Responsible for annual meeting, travel and other activities follow up 负责年会、旅游等活动的跟进
  • Responsible for welfare program follow-up (high temperature subsidy vouchers/holiday gifts) 负责福利项目跟进(高温补贴券/节日礼品)
  • Responsible for purchasing and reimbursing monthly administrative supplies and labor protection shoes 负责每月行政办公用品及劳保鞋采购及费用报销
  • Follow up monthly outsourced cleaning and greening work 负责每月外包清洁和绿化工作的跟进
  • Responsible for work clothes ordering and follow up work 负责工作服订制和跟进工作
  • Responsible for assisting department manager to complete translation work 负责协助部门经理完成翻译类工作
  • Complete other tasks assigned by department manager 完成部门经理安排的其他工作
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in administration or related 本科或以上学历,行政管理类相关专业
  • CET 4 or above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing 大学英语四级及以上,听说读写熟练
  • At least 2 years working experience in similar position in foreign company is preferred 2年或以上外资企业同类岗位工作经验优先
  • Careful, patient, good at communication, have strong coordination ability and sense of responsibility 工作细致,耐心,善于沟通,有较强的工作协调能力和责任心
  • Proficient in office software and office automation equipment, good at PPT making 熟练使用办公软件和办公自动化设备,善于PPT制作
  • Look dignified and graceful 仪表端庄大方
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 1-2 years
How to apply:

In case of interest, please send your CV to Ms. He via

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