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Residence G Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

About Company:

Residence G is the latest word in Lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments in the vibrant, dynamic and exciting city of Shenzhen.

Located in the heart of Nanshan District (Metro Station: Nanyou West Line 9), just minutes away from dining & shopping hotspots like Raffles City, Sea World, Coastal City and major business centers in the area.

Residence G Shenzhen is ideally placed for business travellers, families and visitors while offering chic hotel rooms, smartly designed studios and spacious serviced apartments. The hotel also boasts a range of facilities: ClubHouse with restaurant & bar, EnerGy swimming pool & sports floor and an outdoor Terrace with a panoramic view.

About this job:

General Mission:

  • The Sales Manager’s mission is to primarily promote the hotel and to achieve optimal sales in the best possible conditions for the company. The performance of the Sales Manager will contribute to the results and revenues of Residence G Shenzhen.
  • To ensure the smooth operations of the sales team, consultation with the Director of Sales on all matters.
  • The performance of the Sales Manager will be determined solely by the productivity of the overall results of Residence G.


Responsibilities & Means:

The Sales Manager performs his/her duties within the framework defined by the chain and hotel norms and by internal regulations as specified by the Director of Sales.


Technical Responsibilities:

The Sales Manager is familiar with the operations and applications of the hotel’s computer and data processing systems.


Human Responsibilities:

Exercise maximum collaboration with colleagues and customers.


Human Relations & Training:

Attend related seminars and training whenever required.


Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Assists in drawing up the business plan by gathering market intelligence monthly.
  • Keeps a record on all potential clients and a profile of each of them
    Organizes regular visits in accordance with a predetermined plan (Weekly and Monthly plans)
  • Prepares a tentative monthly schedule to record all sales and other related activities for the preceding month.
  • Presents a summary of his/her visits to the Director of Sales on a weekly basis. (Weekly Sales Plan) prior to and after the week is completed.
  • Ensures that the invoicing effectively corresponds to all services agreed upon and rendered.
  • Ensures that all new clients have no negative credit references
  • Records the statistics of his/her sales accounts.
  • Records all daily sales.
  • Submits production reports on his/her list of accounts on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Utilizes the mobile phone to communicate with sales office/hotel for any urgent sales business matters.


Commercial Responsibilities:

  • Keeps himself/herself well informed about the operations especially in key departments.
  • Uses the rates and rate strategy set by the Director of Sales and the General Manager
  • Closely observes matters pertaining to competition and bring to the attention of Director of Sales. (Sites, prices, services offered on a regular basis.)
  • Promote the hotel as often as possible through presentations, functions ….


Sales Responsibilities:

  • Adheres to weekly sales call plan.
  • Pays visits to former, existing, and potential clients in view of entering into contracts with them.
  • Attends weekly sales meetings, for product update and discussion on outstanding matters.
  • Defines precisely guest requirements and ensures that the guest services offered corresponds effectively to their requests.
  • Provides after-sales service and in particular to ensure that the guest complaints are taken seriously and discussed with the respective departments if necessary.
  • Receives in the hotel any important guests whom he/she has approached.
  • Negotiates prices with clients according to the set rate strategy set by the Management
  • Confirms verbal proposals in writing and transmits to customer via email only.
  • Ensures that all complaints are brought to the Director of Sales for immediate action.
  • Conduct a minimum of 4-6 sales calls a day.



  • At all times to promote a positive image of the hotel in all forms of contact.
  • To develop and foster close and positive support with the public, guests, clients and members of the trade.
  • The Sales Manager maintains and ensures the smooth running operations of all his/her accounts within the designated zone.


Internal Liaisons:

The Sales Manager maintains a close working rapport with professional people, Business Associations, staff, clients/guests and companies who are potential, existing and current supporters of the hotel.


Replacement and Temporary Mission:

In his/her absence, The Sales Manager may be replaced first by another Sales Manager in the nearest zone appointed by the Director of Sales.

The Sales Manager may be called upon to undertake activities outside his/her own area.

  • Proficiency in English is a must.
  • 2 years experience in Sales in hospitality or in service
Native Language: Does not matter
Working Experience: 1-2 years
How to apply:

In case of interest, please kindly send your CV, Cover Letter and other application material to


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