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SIC invent Shanghai Ltd., Shanghai, China

About Company:

SIC invent Shanghai is the Chinese subsidiary of an independent global Swiss German dental implant group. Since 2003 we are offering state of the art products and solutions for our clients globally to make the world smile.

About this job:

Job Responsibilities

  1. Prepare and implement pre-agreed business plans by identifying, targeting and converting new customers and grow existing customers
  2. Introduce and explain SIC invent products to customers through daily visits, product introductions and other forms, establish market reputation and promote product sales
  3. Visit existing and potential customers, building and maintaining a good relationship
  4. Responsible for the implementation of promotion activities to ensure that the company’s sales promotion and other related activities are effectively implemented
  5. Attend and represent SIC invent at customer events as required, including but not limited to local, regional and national exhibitions
  6. Collect customer, competitor, market and industry information, create sales and market reports and feedback
  7. Work closely with sales and marketing team

Salary and welfare: basic salary + post salary + meal subsidy + transportation subsidy + high commission + year-end bonus


  1. 通过识别、定位、转换新客户,发展现有客户,制定并实施预先商定的业务计划
  2. 通过日常拜访,向客户传达SIC Invent的公司理念并介绍相关产品,树立市场声誉,促进产品销售
  3. 拜访现有客户,挖掘潜在客户,与他们保持并建立良好的关系
  4. 负责促销活动的实施,以确保公司的促销活动及其他相关活动得到有效实施
  5. 根据需求,代表SIC Invent参加客户活动,包括但不仅限于上海本地,中国国内的展会
  6. 收集客户,行业竞争者,种植牙行业信息,拟销售报告和走访市场反馈
  7. 与销售和市场团队紧密合作




  1. Under 35 years old, college degree or above
  2. 5 year`s work experience in sales or marketing in the dental and/or implant industry
  3. Chinese / English language capability, German language welcomed
  4. Proficient in Excel and PowerPoint
  5. Flexibility to travel frequently
  6. Have the ability to analyze, plan work and draft reports and presentations


Personal Competencies

  1. Strong network with dentists, dental clinics and dental hospitals
  2. Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
  4. Proactive, independent, positive thinking



  1. 35岁以下,本科及以上学历
  2. 5年的牙科和/或种植体行业工作经验
  3. 拥有优秀的中英文交流能力,欢迎会德语的人
  4. 熟练运用Excel表格和PPT演示文稿
  5. 能接受出差,工作灵活性大
  6. 具备分析能力,能制定销售计划并起草销售报告以及销售演讲能力



  1. 在牙医,牙科诊所和牙科医院的拥有强大的人际关系网
  2. 拥有优秀的口头和书面沟通与展示,表达能力
  3. 拥有出色的人际沟通,团队协作能力
  4. 主动,独立,积极思考能力
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: above 5 years
How to apply:

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