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RAFI Electronics Shanghai Co.,Ltd, Shanghai, China

About Company:

RAFI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of human-machine communication system. Which originally founded in 1908, RAFI has been for over 100 years. Headquarter of RAFI located in RAVENSBURG, southwest of German. RAFI China founded in 2008, enabling to fulfill customers’ needs where from different industries of machine engineering, automation, automotive and medical electronic etc. We deliver high quality products and provide comprehensive solutions for achieving our values of customer-orientated.

As Employer, RAFI China provides better work environment. We encourage our employees who working with innovative thinking, further aspiring, keep cooperating with each other. We will provide appropriate personal development and promotion opportunity which according to individual’s ability and contribution, as well as offering competitive salary and attractive benefits. We believe that each staff of RAFI Electronics will fully release your advantages and wisdom in this vigorous stage.

About this job:
  1. 处理销售订单和报价单事宜,负责与客户沟通协调相关事宜。
  2. 负责销售合同及其它销售相关文件资料的存档与整理工作。
  3. 支持销售经理提供相关的销售数据,制作和统计报表,并随时答复相关人员对销售动态情况的质询。
  4. 支持销售业务拓展相关事宜。
  5. 协助销售人员做好客户的电话咨询和客户上门拜访的接待工作,根据客户需求,及时妥善处理相关的商务问题。
  6. 参与公司的产品的销售广告、产品推介会和产品培训会的支持工作。
  7. 客户应付账款的跟踪与回笼;内部协调与订单相关的事宜,及时跟踪与反馈。
  8. 会德语者优先考虑
  1. 有团队合作精神,有良好的沟通协调能力
  2. 有较强的逻辑思维能力
  3. 积极主动,能在压力下工作
  4. 英语流利(口语+书面)
  5. 工作效率高,有独立解决问题的能力,有疑问能够及时与上级交流
  6. 大学专科以上学历
  7. 2年以上相关工作经验
  8. 能熟练操作办公软件(特别是EXCEL) ,熟悉SAP
Native Language: English
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

Tel: +86 21 6477 2528, Ext.206

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