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Villa Castanea, Beijing, China

About Company:

Opening on September 3, 2010, Villa Castanea is located at the foot of Jade Srping Hill, Haidian District. Adjacent to Fragrance Hill and the Summer Palace, it has a total area of more than 16000 square meters, with 80% being green area. Villa Castanea, engaged mainly in western cuisine and freshly brewed beer, is the largest European garden restaurant in Beijing and the first and largest German brewery club in Haidian District. The company has been selected as the national five-diamond class restaurant, the national diamond class demonstration restaurant and the vice-chairman unit of Beijing Catering Association. Besides, it has been authorized by the Schroeder royal noble family of Luxembourg as the only royal etiquette training base in china.

The beautiful Villa Castanea is naturally divided by topography and vegetation into many functional areas with different features, such as Cupid Hill, Perfume Garden, Forest Restaurant, Circular Square, etc. Dining hall is in a natural and comfortable German Bavarian style, and VIP private rooms are in a traditional elegant German style. Outdoor terrace has an area of 720 square meters to accommodate 350 people for activities, barbecues and meals; German Cuisine Hall has an area of 235 square meters to accommodate 120 people for meetings, activities and meals; Sunshine Cafe has an area of 230 square meters to accommodate 80 people for various activities, parties, weddings, exhibitions and meals. In a word, Villa Castanea is an ideal venue for high-class parties, fantasy weddings and business events. Villa Castanea mainly engages in German cuisine, but it also regularly recommends French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Spain and other traditional European cuisines. German cuisine includes authentic German roast pig knee, a variety of flavors of grilled sausage, field-baked bread and German freshly brewed beer from a German beer brewery family.

About this job:

Position: Restaurant Director

Key Points of Responsibilities: Operation task; Cost control; Tiered building of team

Specific points of responsibilities:

  • Fully implementing the company’s resolutions issued at the shareholders’ meetings, completing the annual business tasks and specific tasks assigned, implementing the company’s management system, post responsibility system and service standards and checking the implementation, and establishing a performance management system; Regularly summarizing and analyzing the work of subordinate departments, and maintaining efficient and active communication with heads of all departments;
  • Formulating monthly sale plans, and working hard to over-fulfill quotas assigned by the company; Putting forward feasible operation suggestions for business development, increasing turnover and maximizing profits;
  • Formulating service standards and daily working rules for the restaurant, and working process and standards for subordinate departments, helping subordinate departments carry out management work according to the working process, and improving customer service team and its performance management system; Fully responsible for improving the service quality and work efficiency of personnel at the restaurant;
  • Fully responsible for arranging training for managers at subordinate departments, checking and supervising training results, service quality and work efficiency of all departments; Following up the training, activities and membership maintenance, and measuring work performance with quantitative indicators;
  • Reviewing and approving work plans of each department, checking the implementation and quality of subordinate’s work plans, and checking the completion of each department manager’s work plans every week; Familiar with the company’s daily operating situation and reviewing daily report, timely reporting problems to shareholders if there is any, and taking effective measures to solve the problems; Presiding over regular business meetings, special business meetings and weekly , monthly and annual report meetings;
  • Carrying out publicity work, establishing and maintaining corporate image and promotion channels; Responsible for market product positioning and promotion, finding and maintaining foreign cooperation resources and a large network of customers and sponsors;
  • Supervising and inspecting raw materials and cost control of subordinate departments, establishing an excellent network of suppliers; Collecting market information by keeping abreast with market trends, developing new customer sources and raw materials markets, and eliminating unqualified suppliers;
  • Adjusting staff member at subordinate departments according to the needs of work, ensuring a certain and appropriate number of personnel and tiered building of team, and improving the recruitment system; Familiar with work situation and data at subordinate departments, analyzing problems according to the data and putting forward appropriate solutions, and caring about the aspirations and life of employees at subordinate departments;
  • Completing tiered building of team, introducing talents, establishing talents training mechanism and school-enterprise cooperation system;
  • Putting forward reasonable suggestions according to the company’s long-term plans and annual plans, expressing opinions on the company’s management policy, providing reference information for the shareholders’ meetings, and completing other work arranged at the shareholders’ meetings.


  • Having rich experience and deep understanding of restaurant management;
  • Obtaining a bachelor's degree or above in hotel management and related majors in well-known universities at home and abroad, and applicants with a degree in well-known European hotel management are preferred;
  • Fluent in English and Chinese, able to communicate in Chinese, and applicants who speak German are preferred;
  • Three to five years of experience in senior management in international five-star hotels, and applicants with more than three years of management experience in well-known brands or equivalent clubs and restaurants are preferred;
  • Fully understanding the value of the position, recognizing Villa Castanea, be consistent with the company's development goals, able to tap the potential of the platform, able to fulfill the company's annual operational targets, and sharing the company’s ideals and beliefs;
  • Familiar with western food, able to carry out the grass-roots work related to western food and services, proficient in western food management and sales, having a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and having good ability in market judgment;
  • Having a good command of the team, able to achieve clear division of labor, clear rewards and punishment, and having good ability in tiered building of team and talents reserve;
  • Able to skillfully carry out work at restaurant, kitchen, and personnel and financial management; with rich experience in team management, operation management and cost control; having relevant operation sources and channels (such as customers, media, suppliers, etc.).
Native Language: Does not matter
Working Experience: above 5 years
How to apply:

Benefits:10 – 15 days of paid annual leave after one whole year;An independent office;

Chinese local holidays’;

A round-trip ticket from Germany to Beijing (foreign nationality) after one year of work;

Independent housing;


  • Salary: 20,000-40,000 rmb of base pay related to the working experiences in internationally famous hotel management and management experiences in internationally well-known restaurants; 150,000 rmb of KPI bonus/6month related to the years revenue target;
  • Applicant who completes the task target for two consecutive years will be invited to join the partnership system in the third year and enjoy dividends as an incentive, and who completes the task target for five consecutive years will be invited to join the board of directors, enjoying dividends and annual salary of more than one million RMB.


Villa Castanea, No. 266, Puandian, Wan’an East Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Wan’an Station of Beijing Modern Tram Xijiao Line

How to apply:

If you are interested in this position, please send your application including a statement on your salary expectations to in English or German. Please insert the title “Restaurant Director” in the subject line and attach all relevant application documents (CV, motivation letter including salary expectation, university certificates, employer references etc.) in one small size pdf file.

We are looking forward to your application!

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