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HIMA (Shanghai) Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

About Company:

希马(上海)工业自动化有限公司是HIMA在中国的独资子公司,于2016年7月1日正式运行。 HIMA是安全控制系统的开创者和引领者,总部位于德国曼海姆,工厂也在德国。HIMA安全自动化解决方案遍及过程自动化、铁路安全、物流、机械安全等领域,其安全控制系统在全球安装有35,000多套, 2001-2006年,HIMA以代理商形式入住中国; 2006-2016年以合资公司-上海黑马安全自动化系统有限公司运营; 2016年起,HIMA以独资公司-希马(上海)工业自动化有限公司在中国全面开展业务。公司经营范围:自动化设备的设计,并提供相关的技术咨询、技术服务;计算机软件的设计、制作,销售自产产品;自动化设备及零配件、计算机软硬件及辅助设备的批发代理。

About this job:

Targets / role of the position:

  • Project Engineering Execution Responsible following.
  • Execute the Projects complying with HIMA & Customer interest and expectations.
  • Execute the Projects within or better than the calculated budget margin.


Tasks and duties of the position:

  • PM and his team will follow and comply with all companies standards and regulations (FSMS, QMS, RR, …) as well as show common sense approach.
  • Prepare / release project-related reports to the Engineering Manager.
  • Ensure all project documents are accurately prepared, checked and archived.
  • Support any other departments in order to keep the project up-to-date e.g. OA, F/A, Proc., Logistic.
  • Host the project transfer meeting (Sales to Eng.). Clearly identify and record the complete project scope, any made commitments to the client but also any detected deviation (technical & financial) from the contract.
  • Coordinate and prepare the initial project budget and Key Points report to ensure the project gross margin is booked accurately by reviewing the contract in terms of technical and commercial matters.
  • Organize, take part and record the KOM.
  • Issue, monitor and record completion of all activities of the project execution schedule.
  • Weekly reporting & analyzing of the project status and goals (e.g. GM, Booked costs, FAT, Delivery, Site Activities, technical and financial deviations, …) with Engineering Manager.
  • Assure the contract FS, Technical and Q commitments are met.
  • Assure the contract claim management is performed.
  • Assure the contract commercial and liabilities commitments are met.
  • Be the interface to the client and/or any other involved party in the project.

Technical competencies:

  • Engineering University Degree (Bachelor or above) in Process control, automation, turbine mechanics, thermal energy and power, …
  • 8 years of experience in the automation industry.
  • 3 year experience in team/group leading for engineering, integration, testing and commissioning of automation systems.
  • Familiar with DCS/PLC engineering activities (software and hardware application & testing and instrumentation).
  • Project management financial and commercial knowledge, cost control and claim management.
  • Functional Safety Engineer Certificate and/or Training.
  • Experience with HIMA and HIMA Products.


Methodological Competencies:

  • Capabilities of listening & understanding and knowledge of guiding, checking, monitoring.
  • Proactive, strong sense of responsibility.
  • Learning, analyzing problems, strong coordination and communication skills.
  • Team Leader & Team Player at the same time.
  • Communication skill in both formal and informal environments.
  • Planning and priority management.
  • Business management and customer orientation.


Personal Competencies:

  • Faculty to make decisions
  • Faculty of abstraction
  • Analytical Faculty
  • Planning skills
  • Perseverance
  • Conceptual Faculty


Social Competencies:

  • Faculty of leadership
  • Faculty to motivate
  • Faculty to act appropriate
  • Customer orientation
  • Adaptiveness
  • Cross-Cultural Competence
  • Faculty to highlight customers added value
  • Persuasiveness
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: above 5 years
How to apply:

Kindly please send your CV in both Chinese and English to email address:, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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