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SWJ Consulting(Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

About Company:

Since its founding in 2003 SWJ Group has continued to evolve. Through acquisitions and forming of new branches, swjplan GmbH, SWJ Consult GmbH, IPF Engineering GmbH, SWJ Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., SWJ-Breilmann U.S. LLC., Breilmann AG and IKN GmbH were welcomed as members of the SWJ Group to add more services as well as locations in- and outside Germany.  A variety of successful projects for national and international automotive and commercial vehicles and its suppliers have been planned and implemented. The task comprised studies, planning support and further up to complete factory planning and realization, including the start-up phase-management. The SWJ Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SWJ”) with its team is a competent and experienced planning company which has been a well-known partner in the engineering industry for many years.

自2003年成立以来,SWJ集团一直在不断发展。通过收购和成立新的分支机构,SWJ Plan GmbH,SWJ Consult GmbH,IPF Engineering GmbH,SWJ Consulting (Beijing) Co,. Ltd,SWJ-Breilmann US LLC,Breilmann AG和IKN GmbH作为SWJ集团成员广受欢迎,公司增加了更多的服务以及德国境内外的技术服务支持地点。 已经计划和实施了各种国内和国际汽车和商用车及其供应商的成功项目。 各项任务包括研究,规划支持,并进一步完成工厂规划和实现,包括启动阶段管理。 思维杰咨询(北京)有限公司(以下简称“SWJ”)及其团队是一家经验丰富的规划公司,多年来一直是工程行业的知名合作伙伴。

SWJ Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. practice along with its customer open, team-based project-organization and -approaches. It supports the motivation and creativity of their entire team of employees through continuous training programs. From the very beginning, the SWJ Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. acquires a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. Together, optimal customer solutions are developed, which are both, economically sustainable as well as adaptable for changes in the future.

思维杰咨询(北京)有限公司实践对客户开放的,基于团队的项目组织和方法。 它通过持续的培训计划支持整个团队的动力和创造力。 从一开始,思维杰咨询(北京)有限公司就根据DIN ISO 9001:2008标准获得质量管理体系。 共同开发出最佳的客户解决方案,既确保经济可持续又适应未来变化。

About this job:

We would like to expand our team in Beijing / China and are therefore looking for several process and logistics planners.

Your tasks:

  • Implementation of strategic and operational logistics projects for new vehicle launches, plant planning or optimization in serial production.
  • Analysis and optimization of existing production – logistic process chains in the automotive or supplier industry.
  • Planning, Procurement, installation and commissioning of storage facilities, containers, picking systems and equipment.
  • Regular exchange and resolution of target conflicts with the participating specialist departments.


Picking-by-light & RFID

  • Pick by light and RFID process planning and implementation (operation process planning, SWI creation, implementation and hand over to logistics operations);
  • Pick by light and RFID hardware planning and implementation (layout planning, installation coordination, implementation and hand over to logistics operations);
  • Pick by light and RFID information flow planning and implementation (required software function confirmation, master data planning and maintenance, digital display planning, implementation and hand over to logistics operations);
  • Change management of existing pick by light zone & RFID and implementation (zone movement organization, integration of new part numbers and/or new processes, implementation and hand over to logistics operations);
  • Figure analysis of pick by light & RFID implementation (MTM calculation & analysis of pick-by-light & RFID related process, headcount and efficiency analysis, target price calculation);


Or 或者

Shopping Cart & AGV

  • Picking Zone planning and implementation (layout planning, part list management, material flow planning for picking processes, pre-sequencing and sub-kitting, rack-layouts planning, rack design (top-up racks), supplier organization and all relevant supplier management tasks, process descriptions / work instructions, implementation and hand over to Logistics Operations)
  • Layout and process alignment with pre-assembly planners and assembly process planners
  • Shopping cart line supply planning and implementation (supply of full and empty shopping carts to assembly line, implementation and hand over to Logistics Operations)
  • AGV process planning and implementation (process planning and implementation, coordination with suppliers, implementation and hand over to Logistics Operations)
  • Change management and improvement of existing picking zones and implementation (integration of new part numbers and/or new processes, implementation and hand over to Logistics Operations)
  • Pick-by-light planning and implementation (pick-by-light process planning and implementation, coordination with suppliers, management of picking sequence and part numbers in pick-by-light software, implementation and hand over to Logistics Operations)


Or 或者

  • Picking Zone, AGV and supply area implementation
  • Outbound Planning and Implementation
  • Packaging Planning
  • Bachelor Degree or higher in a logistics or a technical study (such as logistics or mechanical engineering), relevant work experience of at least 1-2 years in logistics projects (work experience in automotive industry preferred).
    物流或理工(如物流或机械工程)学士或以上学历,至少1 - 2年物流项目相关工作经验(首选汽车行业工作经验)。
  • At least 1 year of proven experience in picking zone planning for sequencing / kitting / pre-assembly or shopping carts mandatory.
  • Fluent English and Mandarin (written and spoken), advanced in MS Visio,MS Excel and Think Cell software, be able to MTM.
    流利的英语和普通话(书面和口语),MS Visio,MS Excel和Think Cell软件的高级功能,能够进行MTM计算。
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 1-2 years
How to apply:

Please send your Engilish and Chinese CVs, earliest start date and salary expectation to:


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