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About Company:

德国电信咨询公司中国区公司(Detecon Consulting Ltd.) – 成立于2002年 – 是德国电信国际咨询公司(Detecon International GmbH)的全资子公司。德国电信国际咨询公司本身是T-Systems – 德国电信集团(Deutsche Telekom AG)(欧洲最大电信运营商)旗下商业客户品牌 – 的子公司 (属于欧洲50大公司的证券指数,德国最大汽车行业ICT咨询公司)。 德国电信国际咨询公司拥有1000多名专业咨询顾问,在全球为100多个国家的客户成功完成3500余项管理和技术咨询项目。Detecon帮助通讯行业、汽车行业、高科技行业和公共服务部门的客户开发创新型的业务模型和公司战略。我们的能力包括战略设计与实施、流程改善、ICT战略设计与实施、客户关系管理(CRM)和转型管理。
Detecon Consulting Ltd. – founded in 2002 – is a wholly foreign owned entity (WFOE) of Detecon International GmbH which itself is a subsidiary of T-Systems, the business customer brand of Deutsche Telekom AG. More than 700 professional consultants worldwide have successfully completed more than 3500 management and ICT projects in over 100 countries at over 100 telecommunications companies. Detecon helps its clients to develop innovative business models and corporate strategies in telecommunications, automotive and high-tech industries as well as in the public sector. The capabilities embrace strategy development and implementation, process improvement, ICT strategy development and implementation, and interims and transformation management.

Detecon consulting projects are characterized by an integrated approach of management and technology consulting. These cover each step from analysis via planning and design up to implementation and operative business. Projects at Chinese telecommunications operators benefit form close relations to the headquarters of Deutsche Telekom, one of the top telecommunications carriers worldwide in terms of innovations and quality. Moreover innovative concepts and methodologies can be transferred to the automotive and high-tech industries.

About this job:
  • Be responsible for product operation, including making operation plan, defining operation objectives, executing operation strategies and etc.
  • Regularly monitor, collect and analyze user behavior data, generate customer insight from user’s comments and feedback, keep the whole team with clear mind of product performance.
  • Closely communicate with product, marketing and other related team about operation findings, promote the quality and acceptance of product (content, design, etc.) actively and effectively.
  • Conduct business cooperation and resource integration with other team, coordinate and solve problems found in implementation, enhance users’ word of mouth and stickiness.
  • Design and conduct competitor research, market research and strategies making independently
  • Manage third party service providers or co-operating entities, set up KPI and regulations
  • Design operation service and process according to project requirement
  • Manage and lead a team of 1-2 mid-junior level operation consultants
  • At least 2+ years’ experience in product development and operation, experience of operating an app with big user base(>1million) is preferred
  • Be familiar with product development process, especially user study, product analysis and positioning, analysis of user behavior data, etc.
  • Strong understanding of product operation value, be able to collect and summarize the operation data, continuously give suggestion on further product design and operation.
  • Positive attitude, a thirst for knowledge, and an excitement for growing business
  • Experience in developing a product driven environment
  • Self-starter with strong organizational skills, who is extremely result and detail-oriented
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment, effectively manage workload to meet deadlines, while ensuring a high standard of quality
  • Strong PPT skills
  • Excellent in both speaking and writing English
  • 2-5 years relevant working experience
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

If you are interested in consulting and want to work in China, please send your CV with the email subject with Apply+position+name to

If you have any questions, please send your email to or make a call to +86 010-5815 7396

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