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Miji Electronics and Appliances (shanghai) Ltd., Shanghai, China

About Company:


Miji International holdings Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling premium kitchen appliances to customers. Our products are mainly Hobs and Stoves (including radiant stoves and induction stoves) and our core brands are “Miji Design”, “Miji Home”, “Miji Pro” and “MKY”.
Miji International Holdings Limited has been successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 16th, 2018 under the stock code 1715.HK
Miji Electronics and Appliances (Shanghai) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Miji International Holdings Limited,it focus on developing and selling high-tech and high-performance electric cooking stove.

About this job:


  • 依据公司海外市场策略,结合当地特性,分析拓展渠道,制定计划并实施,顺利完成业绩目标;
  • 负责与海外运营商等客户进行密切交流并对其进行跟踪;
  • 收集市场信息并同公司相关团队合作,签订商务合同,并跟踪合同的执行;
  • 收集反馈国外市场对新产品需求,并参与新品的开发工作;
  • 对海外业务(经销商或代理商)操作流程较熟悉及了解,有丰富海外客户资源的优先考虑。


  • According to the company’s overseas market strategy, combined with local characteristics, analyze and expand sales channels, formulate plans and implement them, successfully complete performance goals;
  • Responsible for communication and tracking with Overseas operators;
  • Collecting market information, cooperate with company teams to sign the contract, and follow up the execution of the contract;
  • Collecting and feedback of new product demands and participate in new product development;
  • Familiar with the operation process of overseas business (dealers or agents), and have overseas customer resources is preferred.
  • 本科以上学历,电子、通讯、无线电、自动化、计算机、外语等相关技术专业;
  • 具备至少3年及以上的海外销售经验;
  • 具备良好的英语听说读写能力,且英语作为工作语言(必须),掌握第二外语的更佳;
  • 有海外订单和合同操作经验者优先;
  • 具有良好的团队协作能力和沟通协调能力;
  • 有海外留学经验者优先考虑
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science / IT, Telecommunications, Foreign Languages or related majors;
  • At least 3 years overseas sales experiences;
  • Good command of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, and English as working language. Ability of a second foreign language is preferred.
  • Overseas orders and contracts operation experience is preferred;
  • Good team cooperation ability, good communication and coordination ability;
  • Overseas experience is preferred.
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

For interest please send your CV to:ling.li@miji.com.cn

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