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HOPPE (Shanghai) Ltd.,, Shanghai, China

About Company:

HOPPE 好博集团致力于研发、生产和销售细节体现品味风格的铝合金、不锈钢、尼龙和黄铜制门窗五金。


HOPPE 好博集团于1952 年由弗里德里希·好博先生 (Friedrich Hoppe) 创立,如今已经成为总部设于瑞士的跨国企业集团。

About this job:
  • Drive and develop our online marketing activities. Implementing in the field of E-Commerce Entry and brand development
  • Liaising with JD Service for E-Commerce Platforms flag shop
  • Research on the brand and price of competitors, propose countermeasures, and make a feasibility analysis report
  • Analyze sales data and control of commodity management,optimize inventory and product lines with sales
  • Audit price system, brand specification, online and offline sales strategy, evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion, update a feasible improvement plan
  • Coordinate related department to make advertising plan, strategy deployment in JD
  • 推动和发展线上营销活动。实施电子平台领域的进入和品牌推广
  • 与京东沟通服务电子商务平台旗舰店
  • 对竞争对手的品牌、价位进行研究,提出应对措施, 做出可行性分析报告
  • 分析营销数据、商品管理的把控,与销售部协商优化库存和产品线
  • 监管价格体系,品牌规格,线上线下销售策略,对推广效果进行评估, 并更新可行的改进方案


  • Follow-up and communication of law enforcement documents in intellectual property protection cases, cooperate with lawyers to complete related legal process, management of document, and feedback update process to HOPPE AG.
  • Familiar with domestic and foreign trademark registration area Complete the trademark registration work required by the parent company
  • Coordinate parent companies and lawyers to develop anti-counterfeiting programs, including management and set predictable results, possible problems and solutions, reporting and recording of emergencies, control of project funds, etc.
  • Regularly monitor online and offline companies that may infringe intellectual property rights; manage and effectively retain relevant evidence; flexibly use the relevant e-commerce platform’s complaint rules to communicate corresponding trademark counterfeiting, trademarks Infringement and copyright infringement
  • Organize relevant documents to combat trademark infringement, assist in the drafting and delivery of lawyers’ documents, and follow up the judgments of cases, etc., report to the headquarters legal department and execute the decision of the parent company in a timely manner.
  • 协调相关部门制定京东广告计划和策略部署
  • 负责知识产权保护案件的执法文书跟进和沟通,配合律师完成相关法律流程及文档管理, 汇报母公司最新进度
  • 熟悉国内外商标注册领域,完成母公司要求的商标注册工作
  • 协调母公司和律师制定打假方案,包括设定和可预期结果的管理、可能遇到的问题和解决方案、紧急状况的汇报和记录、项目资金的控制等
  • 定期监控客户指定的线上线下可能侵犯知识产权的企业;管理并有效地保留相关的证据;
  • 灵活运用相关电商平台的投诉规则和相关的电商平台进行沟通,对相应的商标假冒、商标侵权和版权侵权的行为进行打击
  • 整理打击商标侵权的相关文件,协助律师文件的起草和投递、以及跟进案件处罚决定书等,及时汇报总部法务部并执行母公司决策
    Legal education background or trademark work experience is preferred
    A background in Marketing/E-Commerce and a good understanding of the subject is required.College degree or higher (Majors: International Business, Marketing/Legal, etc.)
    A good grasp of wording and text writing is required as are above average communication skills
    Independent working alone will be required to achieve individual tasks
    Solid MS Office skills a must





            必须具备扎实的MS Office技能

Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

HOPPE (Shanghai) Ltd.,


Songze Avenue 6066, Building 8 Room 104-105, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201706

Tel.: +86 – (0)21 – 3111 6650

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