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SIC invent Shanghai Ltd., Shanghai, China

About Company:

We are the Chinese subsidiary of a Swiss German dental implants manufacturer.

About this job:

 Marketing Intern

We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated Marketing Intern to join our growing marketing department. If you are an ambitious individual who wants to build a career in social media, content marketing and/or graphic design, then we want to work with you. Your work will include preparing promotional presentations, monitoring social platforms, and conducting market analysis.

In addition to being an excellent communicator, you should have excellent multitasking and organizational abilities. The successful candidate will also have in-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and social media platforms.


  • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends
  • Assist with daily administrative duties
  • Design and present new social media campaign ideas
  • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback
  • Prepare promotional presentations
  • Help with the planning and hosting of marketing events
  • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content
  • Contribute to the creation of advertising





  • 依据市场最新趋势进行市场分析和研究
  • 协助日常行政工作
  • 设计并展示新的社交媒体运用理念
  • 监控关注热门社交媒体平台的行业新闻,消息及反馈
  • 演讲文档制作
  • 帮助策划和举办市场营销活动
  • 研究和评估竞争对手的营销和数字化信息
  • 协助设计广告


  • Ideally current enrollment in graphic design, marketing, communications or similar field
  • Ideally Chinese & English or German language capabilities
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software (InDesign is a plus) and social media platforms
  • Familiarity with graphic design and related software
  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have a passion for marketing
  • Multi-tasking abilities
  • Basic design skills


  • 所学专业为:平面设计,市场营销,文化传播或类似专业
  • 双语沟通基础:中文,英文或德文能力
  • 熟悉营销软件(会InDesign更佳)和社交媒体平台
  • 熟悉平面/图形设计和相关软件
  • 对最新的营销趋势和技术有很好的了解
  • 良好的口头和书面沟通能力
  • 必须对营销充满热情
  • 多任务处理能力
  • 基础设计能力
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: Fresh Graduate
How to apply:

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