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OSK Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

About Company:

Who we are

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation is one of the leading owner-managed German public relations agencies, with offices in Cologne, Stuttgart, New York and Beijing.

Our teams work for internationally-renowned brands, creating content-driven communication concepts, PR strategies and benchmark events all over the world. By always looking out for what is relevant for both – the client and its public – we have successfully established long-standing client relationships with some of the most respected brands worldwide, such as Daimler AG, Siemens, Bosch, Tetra Pak and HARMAN.

OSK Public Relations Consulting Beijing

OSK looks back on over 10 years of successful projects in China. At the end of 2009 the first permanent office in Beijing was established to optimize service for clients in China and Asia. A multi-national team combines the best of both worlds and thus understands to offer its clients ideas, concepts and uniquely-passionate approaches in a rapidly changing, yet always fascinating market.

About this job:

Job Description

We are looking for a natural creative thinker with a strong, content-based focus on PR communication. The consultant will work with an international team of creative, motivated and talented individuals, he/she will be responsible for supporting conceptualization and executions of content-heavy projects.

To take up this role, he/she will need to have a strong analytical mind with experience in media, marketing, or the automotive industry.






Your Tasks

  • Staying up-to-date and analyzing new market trends, industry news, and digital formats
  • Derive briefings from client input and archived information, to develop content, including storyboards, presentation talking points, exhibition texts etc.
  • Support in the development of event and campaign concepts, and strategies
  • Creation and visualization of presentations, briefings, Q&As and reports



  • 了解最新信息并分析最前沿的市场趋势、行业新闻和数字化模式
  • 从客户讲解和存档信息中获取相关信息,用于开发内容,此内容包括故事线,演讲要点,展览文字等。
  • 协助制定活动或宣传的概念及战略
  • 演讲、简报、问答和报告的创建和可视化


  • Chinese native speaker with excellent proficiency in English
  • Strong team player with interpersonal and intercultural competences
  • Highly organized and punctual with attention to details
  • Trend-savvy, ideally with a good understanding of new trends both inside and outside automotive industry, luxury products and consumer perceptions
  • Proactive with ability to think ahead
  • Media, marketing, or automotive industry experience
  • Excellent and adaptable writing skills
  • A strong background in MS Office programs



  • 母语为汉语,娴熟的英语能力
  • 团队合作精神强,具有很强的跨文化沟通能力
  • 具有高度组织性及条理性,注重细节
  • 了解汽车行业及其它行业,奢侈品和消费品的流行趋势
  • 具有前瞻性思维能力
  • 媒体,营销或汽车行业经验
  • 出色的写作能力,灵活运用不同写作风格的能力
  • 熟练使用MS Office
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

Please send your CV and application to:


OSK Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building, Office 1301A
19 Dongfangdonglu // Chaoyang District // 100600 Beijing // P.R. China
P +86 10 6567 2650 // F +86 10 6567 2651 //
beijing@osk.de // www.osk-china.com.cn

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