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Pixida Technology Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

About Company:

Pixida is an innovative consulting company with focus on research and development in the fields of networking and mobility as well as IoT-based applications. Over 180 consultants work out tailor-made solutions for demanding technical challenges within complex product developments. Our customers and partners include BMW, Audi, MAN, Siemens and Amazon Web Services. With two locations in Germany as well as subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil and China, the Pixida Group operates internationally in the consulting business. Our fourth subsidiary PI Labs GmbH, founded in early 2016, develops and distributes telematics solutions in the field of usage-based insurance, eCall and location-based services.

About this job:
  • 处理日常事务性工作;
  • 协助合同及资料的整理,审批,盖章及存档;
  • 会议的安排,协调,预定会议室等;
  • 项目信息的收集和整合;
  • 部门出差安排,机票预订,费用报销等;
  • Global vistor 行政安排,房间,接送机等;
  • 协助部门的招聘工作,电话邀约及接待面试者等;
  • 完成部门领导交代的其他临时性工作。
  • 在校大学生,本科或以上学历;
  • 热爱行政工作,专业不限;
  • 优秀的英文听说读写能力;
  • 良好的沟通能力和团队意识;
  • 学习能力强,认真负责,善于处理琐碎事务;
  • 熟练掌握office软件;
  • 实习要求至少持续工作3个月,每周工作25小时以上;
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Attn: Feng Li

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