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CCTV News Content Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

About Company:

CCTV News Content (CCTV+), an important component of CGTN (China Global Television Network) and a leading video news agency in China that offers Chinese News and Chinese perspective on international news, started operating in December 2010. It offers quality news footage, live signals and archives to global media organizations and production companies.

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About this job:

Vacancy 1: German Editor for native speakers

Job description:

  1. Timely polish and edit news script before submitting it to be finalized
  2. Provide regular summary and comments on subeditors’ work
  3. Annual pay will depend on academic background and occupational history
  4. Other work assigned by leader


Vacancy 2: German Editor for Chinese candidates


  1. 严格遵守公司规定的职业道德规范和行为准则;
  2. 负责日常德语新闻文稿编译;
  3. 负责部分新闻画面编辑;
  4. 负责德国主要媒体内容监看。

Vacancy 1: German Editor for native speakers


  1. Age between 25 – 60, in good health
  2. Clean criminal records both in China and home country.
  3. Native speaker or with similar level; Bachelor degree or above in Journalism.
  4. Living in Beijing during employment
  5. Experienced journalists more preferable
  6. Chinese-reading and speaking proficiency (basic or above) more preferable
  7. Abiding by the Chinese law; observing professional ethics; following the regulations of CCTV News Content.


Vacancy 2: German Editor for Chinese candidates


  1. 熟练掌握德语,拥有专八等级证书。可熟练使用德语进行新闻翻译、编辑工作,有相关的媒体编辑工作经验优先(优秀的德语、新闻专业及国际新闻专业应届毕业生亦可)
  2. 具有一定的新闻写作及新闻编辑能力;
  3. 熟练使用办公软件,掌握视频编辑软件者优先;
  4. 有责任感,有较强的团队合作精神和工作热情;
  5. 有较强的学习能力和承压力。
Native Language: Does not matter
Working Experience: 1-2 years
How to apply:

If you are interested in one of these positions, please send you CV to Ms. Liang:

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