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Warwick GmbH & Co. Music Equipment KG, Shanghai, China

About Company:

The Warwick Difference

Neither Framus & Warwick´s policy of continuous product development, nor the investment in new machinery and technology which it entails, detracts from the spirit of hand craftsmanship. Correct selection and working of woods remain vital factors in determining the sound.

FRAMUS & WARWICK differs from other bass manufactures in buying all its wood in complete rough logs or planks – none is obtained precut. This means more work, but ensures complete control over the wood used and the finished look of the instrument. The wood selected is stored for three to five years, and dried in Framus & Warwick´s own kilns to reduce moisture to the optimum level – a process which requires experience and patience. While FRAMUS & WARWICK makes greater use of modern technology than any of its rivals, it does so only where the result will be a better instrument (and a more satisfied musician). The benefits are clear: It relieves humans of the mundane repetitive tasks, delegating them to machines. This reduces the risk of inaccuracy, at the same time increasing job satisfaction. The result is an increase in the quality and consistency of the instruments leaving the factory.

Mechanization permits manufacture on a scale – determined only by demand – unattainable by independent luthiers. With higher output, FRAMUS & WARWICK is not restricted to standard guitar parts, but can invest in the development of parts better suited to the special demands of basses and bass players. FRAMUS & WARWICK can offer a uniquely ergonomic, integrally designed instrument, costing no more than basses heavily reliant on standard parts and outdated technology.

About this job:

As a high end manufacturer of guitars and basses, we strive ourselves to ensure that all customers receive the products they need, easily and at a great price. To reach this, Framus & Warwick is seeking a

General Manager (gn)

for our Warwick China Distribution Center in JinShan District (Shanghai)

The Role:

Our shop is Warwick’s face to the Chinese market. This is where all our artists come to check and see new instruments. This is where we keep a collection of our most spectacular instruments beside our factory in Markneukirchen, Germany. So the serious and important customers come here to try and buy the instruments. As a General Manager you will be responsible for the smooth running of the day to day business.

The offered position is a very important and responsible. So we need a positive and hard working person that is outgoing, able to communicate and simply loves customer contact. We need a person who can sell, but it’s so much more than that. You will be responsible for managing the Branch to achieve Warwick’s targets. Having a structured and self-consistent way of work you will lead our staff and inspire and motivate them to be on top of their game.


The Person:

To do this you will have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills. The perfect candidate is driven to achieve high standards operationally and against bottom line targets. You will be wanting to go on working in business or start working in.

You will be a good people manager and maybe have experience of a similar level role in a trade or retail environment, preferable in music business. With your building materials, industry and trade knowledge you will excel in communicating with our customers and colleagues at all levels and will be able to organize your team and manage competing priorities.

The Tasks:

  • Accounting
  • Staff management
  • Organizational shop activities like repairs, shootings, visits…
  • Managing the showroom
  • Maintaining the displays for the instruments and additional items
  • Proactive promotion for the branch including social networking
  • Finding possible avenues of approach to arouse public interest in our products
  • Building up our custom shop sales
  • Inventory responsibility
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate all of the above as well as showing an aptitude for success through confidence, accuracy and team work to ensure we achieve our service guarantees. If you have knowledge of the world of music instruments and if this is what you want to do, send your application and resume to

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