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Schattdecor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China

About Company:

In 1985, Walter Schatt founded the decorative paper printing company Schattdecor. Headquartered in Thansau in Upper Bavaria/Germany, it quickly began a dynamic development and today is the world’s leading producer of printed decor paper. Schattdecor seeks complete customer satisfaction with its quality, creativity, and services, and is characterized by a strong corporate culture that is transparent to its customers. Today the company has production sites in Germany, Poland (two), Italy, Russia (three), China, Brazil (two), Turkey and the United States. Consistency plays a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction and is achieved with over 30 high-performance printing presses and experienced personnel at every stage of the production process. Schattdecor´s commitment to the Chinese market began in 1996, when it opened a sales office in the country. Strong sales growth in the strategic market led it to open a printing plant in Shanghai Pudong in late 2002. Built and equipped to the same high standards as the German parent plant, the state-of-the-art facility not only supplies decors but also expert development and design support in close proximity to the markets it serves.

About this job:
  • 支持家具客户对油漆纸的应用,特别是对包覆,或压贴的技术支持;
    support the application of furniture customers to paint paper, especially for coating or pressing.
  • 掌握木工用粘合剂应用;
    grasp the application of woodworking adhesives;
  • 熟悉木工机械,特别是包覆机或压贴机;
    Familiar with woodworking machinery, especially covering machine or press machine.
  • 有木工粘合剂或木工机械技术方面的工作经验3-5年;
    working experience in woodworking adhesives or woodworking machinery technology for 3-5 years;
  • 英语听说写,视经验程度可调整;
    speaking and writing in English, depending on the degree of experience.
  • 此职位需到欧洲技术培训。
    This position requires technical training in Europe.
Native Language: Chinese
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