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artax Audit & Tax Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

About Company:

artax as specialized advisors for international tax law we have achieved great distinction, especially regarding the business with China. We provide advice for internationally dedicated medium-sized enterprises and demanding private persons, answering all their legal, tax and economic questions.

We therefore keep the look for the whole and offer help with our expert knowledge and our work which primarily goes along with our inner attitude. This in turn assures the adherence to the compliance in china and sees that business goals are reached lastingly.

Therefore we have developed own EDV-solutions which based on a ERP-system, illustrates the operational calculation following the Chinese standards CAS, ASSE or IAS and their reconciliation on the tax accounts as well as the further reconciliation in accordance with western standards like Swiss GAAP / US GAAP / or mostly HGB.

We are a German law firm in China


Artax als Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht haben wir uns einen Namen gemacht, gerade wenn es um das Geschäft mit China geht. Wir beraten in Deutschland, in der Schweiz und in China international engagierte mittelständische Unternehmen und anspruchsvolle Privatpersonen in all ihren rechtlichen, steuerlichen und wirtschaftlichen Fragen.

Dabei behalten wir den Blick für das Ganze und helfen mit unserem Fachwissen und unserer Arbeit, vor allem mit unserer inneren Haltung, damit in China die Compliance eingehalten wird und die Unternehmensziele nachhaltig erreicht werden.

Dazu haben wir eigene EDV-Lösungen entwickelt, die basierend auf einem ERP-System die betriebliche Rechnungslegung nach dem chinesischen Standard CAS, ASSE oder IAS und deren Überleitung auf die Steuerbilanz und weiter die Überleitung auf westliche Standards wie Swiss GAAP / US GAAP / oder zumeist HGB abbilden.

Wir sind auch in China eine deutsche Kanzlei

About this job:

Looking for experienced tax & legal expert with good language skills

For our offices in Shanghai, we are looking for qualified professionals with experience in international companies, working in tax & legal department, accounting or financial management department of the group. Linguistically you should master Chinese and English fluently in spoken and written, preferably also German.


Preferably we are looking for practitioners with experience abroad. Mother tongue Chinese is preferred, because you have to read and understand the laws and regulations in this language. You should have converted from HB1 into HB2 for at least one time, but not only have read or studied. These titles are very important. In case of doubt a good tax assistant may rather be viewed as a highly decorated advisor without practical skills.

Your profile:

  • Completed economic or tax law studies in Germany or in China
  • Teamwork-ability and intercultural understanding
  • Good knowledge about tax, trade, and company law
  • Appreciation of business management connections
  • Critical basic attitude to support of the risk management
  • Ability of adherence and enforcement of compliance
  • Chinese of native level, good knowledge of German and English, written and spoken
  • Customer and service orientation
  • 4 to 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Certificate at least as intermediate accountant / CPA or CTA
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 3-5 years
How to apply:

Applications in English or German enclosing the usual required papers and a quote of your desired salary as well as the date of the earliest possible entry shall be directed to juergen.baechle@artax.com and yixuan.wang@artax.cn

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