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  • Make manufacture drawings and assembly drawings of conponents of TBM according to concept drawings.
  • Create BOM list of manufacture drawings and assembly drawings.
  • Transfer BOM information to ERP system.
  • Basic Engineering calculation of simple steel structure parts.
  • Technical support to the manufacturer of steel structure.
  • Technical support to the assembly workshop.
  • Other jobs assigned by design manager or supervisor.
  • Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering.
  • 1 years or above experience of mechanical design. outstanding colleges can also be recruited.
  • Familiar with CAD software 3D and 2D, have the experience of Creo.Elements Direct Modeling is preferred.
  • Good command of mechanical design specialized in heavy duty steel structure is preferred.
  • Good command of English, CET-4 or above.
  • Basic ability to solve problem occurred during designing, manufacturing and assembly.
  • Good team-work spirit and responsibility.
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: 1-2 years
How to apply:

联系人:蔡女士 020-66350311 梁女士 020-66350310
电子邮箱:winni.cai@herrenknecht.cn, maria.liang@herrenknecht.cn

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