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About Company:

双立人(ZWILLING)品牌是Peter Henckels(彼得·亨克斯先生)以双子座作为最初的构想,在德国美丽的莱茵河畔小镇索林根创立的品牌。同时也揭开了这一人类现存最古老商标之一不老传说的序幕。


作为世界领先厨具专家,德国双立人丰富的产品线拥有超过2000种产品,涵盖不锈钢刀剪、锅具、炊具、餐具,以及厨房小家电和个人修容护理产品,在传承德国优秀传统与工艺的同时,更与世界名厨及时尚设计大师跨界合作,以国际化视角,结合本地性产品,如顺应中国市场而生的ZWILLING® Dragon中式炒锅,以及更为具有开创性的产品,如ZWILLING Now系列刀具。

除了位于“刀剑之城”德国索林根的刀具研发总部以外,双立人于比利时赫伦塔尔皇家锅具厂设有不锈钢锅具研发中心、在日式刀具朝圣地日本关市设有日式刀具研究中心,当然也在拥有新兴科技且高速发展的中国上海设有不锈钢刀具及锅具研发中心。 走过280多年历程,进入中国市场20多年(1995年)以来,德国双立人以高品质的产品向全世界诠释了历史、美感、实用、匠心,在最大限度满足人类对美食与烹饪热情的同时,营造从厨房到餐桌的“仪式感”,让烹饪变得更优雅便捷。

About this job:

Key Words:

  1. Responsible for administrative work at GMO;
  2. Assist the routine work of GM and GM assistant;
  3. Coordinate with all the departments to implement GM’s direction.


Position Responsibilities:

  1. Assist routine office functions and operations:
  2. Manage administrative tasks to ensure the efficient workflow at the GM office.
    • Administrative duties as answering phones, taking messages, processing paperwork, document filing/translation, preparation of expense reports
    • Take care of important company chops
    • Issue invitation letter for headquarter staff to apply Chinese visa
    • Arrange trip schedules and reception for guests/visitors
    • Make weekly absence list and inform key managers
    • Organize conference and meetings as directed by GM/assistant to GM
    • Type correspondence and respond to headquarter requests
    • Make important announcement on behalf of the GM office
    • Draft Emails/PPT for the GM
    • Assist the organization of big company event
    • Evaluate the company public service and facility on a regular basis
  3. Other tasks appointed by the GM and GM’s assistant
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Study/work experience in European countries is a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with all levels of staff, clients and other strategic partners
  • Adapt to flexible working times in terms of cross team collaboration and events supporting
  • Experience: 2 year’s working experience appreciated, freshly graduate also accepted
  • Personality: analytical, mature, motivated, flexible, and detail-oriented.
  • PC: general PC skills in Microsoft office
  • Speak fluent Chinese and English, Fluent in German is a must
  • Other languages, such as French, Italian etc. is a plus.
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: Fresh Graduate
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