China-Germany Youth Interns Exchange Programme

button_BrochureThe China-Germany Youth Interns Exchange Programme (“CGYIEP” in short) is a joint initiative between Germany and China with the purpose of encouraging companies or institutions in China, particularly in the fields of economy, culture, education and science, to provide internship opportunities to German students and graduates for enriching their personal visions, language and cultural knowledge for further enhancement of their employability. Through the CGYIEP, accepted German candidates can apply for a visa for the internship in full compliance with the Chinese regulatory.


Internship Offers in China:

Notice to German Students: The listings below only show the current internship opportunities in China. Before signing the employment contract, you should ask the employer if you can attend the CGYIEP.


Business Intern

at  wittig ELECTRONIC  in   Shanghai, China

6 days ago


Volunteer Executive Director

at  Shanghai Sunrise  in   Shanghai, China

6 days ago

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